Renovation of one of the oldest wooden synagogues in Latvia

The importance of this place is not achieved with such attributes of as physical scale, materials or form. The building, Ludza Great Synagogue, stands strong, yet conveys modest integrity. The oldest surviving synagogue in Latvia has undergone renovation and is transformed into a museum. People, memories, the way this place connects centuries and people together, matter. And yet, very gentle, very careful renovation of this building has brought to the surface its ephemeral essence, the fragile nature of humanity.

Built in 1800 | renovation in 2016
Location: 1.maija Str. 30, Ludza, Latvia

Architects: Konvents. Arch. Pēteris Blūms; Arch. Oto Ozols; Arch. Līga Ganiņa; Arch. Līva Garkāje

photo: by Valts Kleins | courtesy of architects