Renovation of national romanticist building in art nouveau

Dzintari Concert Hall is a significant historical wooden building dating back to the beginning of the 20th century and is located at the heart of seaside resort town Jūrmala. Its wooden facade features a national romanticism theme,  a common Art Noveau sub-style of the time. Since its construction in 1936, the building has not been undergoing any significant repairs. The Dzintari Concert Hall has always played an important role in the resort’s cultural life. A number of international festivals and concerts held over the years have invested it with international recognition creating a strong identity. The visual image of the building remains intact, while two new pavilions have been constructed.

Built in 1936 | renovation in 2015
Location:Turaidas Str. 1, Dzintari, Jūrmala,  Latvia

Architects: Jaunromāns un Ābele | restoration by Arch. Ināra Heinrihsone

Original building in 1936 Arch. Viktors Mellenbergs and Arch. Aleksandrs Birzenieks

photo: by Ansis Starks | courtesy of architects