Technological solution to the functionalist-style building

This two-storey building in Riga, which company Roche Latvija bought back from the state in 2016, was originally built for Roche ‘s production and office needs in 1932-1933. The building was one of the first functionalist-style buildings in Riga, which can be observed both in the horizontal division of the building façade with ceramic tiles, and in the interior elements, such as wide-ranging spiral staircases and structural layout. This building once became an architectural model for other Roche office buildings in Europe. The renovation process was a big technological challenge for the whole team of architects and builders, and also helped to elevate the building from the state of pure functionality to become a refined artistic object.

Built in 1930 | renovation in 2020
Location:Miera Str. 25, Rīga, Latvia

Architects: Didrihsons arhitekti

photo: by Ansis Starks | courtesy of architects